Skreens investment

Skreens Investment Presentation Review

Skreens Investment Presentation Review

Skreens provides hardware that allows for display of multiple sources of video feeds on a single screen.  Think of picture in picture in picture with signals coming from any device with an HDMI output.  The screen can be controlled real time with touch screen technology.  Skreens holds a US patent on its technology.
Skreens has validated consumer demand via a kickstarter campaign which generated $500K with 1200 units purchased in a single month.  No specifics were provided as to management team or investment amount sought.

INNOVATION AREA:  Millennial Consumers

Skreens identified innovation area definitely provides a cool gadget, WOW factor but does not fall into one of my preferred innovation areas.  The Skreens technology would definitely be attractive to a millennial market which represents the largest and most powerful consumer force available today which provides macroeconomic support for the innovation.  The strength of the innovation would depend on having an experienced Intellectual Property attorney review the patent and similar patents to understand the power of the Skreens innovation.


Size of the Opportunity

There is no question that first mover technology and gadget geeks will flock to Skreens and similar technology.  The challenge is can it get to the second group of users before competitors and knock offs flood the market.  Also as part of the patent assessment you would want to see if follow on products are protected or if this would be a one hit wonder.

There is a huge risk with hardware technology if global technology protection is not obtained.  International patents add costs and can potentially delay time to market in addition to providing hardware pirates with your blueprints.



Initial pricing seems healthy but is always at risk with hardware as knockoffs and competitors will flood the market of successful products.  Hardware companies need to continually innovate to maintain long term viability.  An investor would need more information as to future product plans.


Business Godfather Commentary

I will definitely want to buy Skreens technology for my wife and my brother but I do not have insight into the power of the Skreens patent or the strategy for future product roll out.  Cool product but I would need more info to determine if it is a cool company to invest in. 

As an Active Investor you would want to receive an accelerated pay out based on units sold rather than being reliant on the long term health of the company as a way to mitigate your risk.


This Presentation Review is my opinion based on extremely limited information – a 1 page write up and 5 minute presentation.  My assessment might change if I had conducted more thorough due diligence.  I provide this assessment for educational purposes in applying the Business Godfather Investable Business Analysis.  Entrepreneurs are always swimming against a universe of people who may not fully understand their true business innovation and that may apply to me.

Known as the Business Godfather, Chris Koomey started his first business when he was 19 and since then has opened up businesses and helped others open up and grow business as a business owner, business consultant and business attorney. Chris helps growing businesses in fields ranging from education to technology. Chris graduated from the Marshall Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary after receiving BA & MA degrees from the University of Chicago and an MS degree from George Mason University. Business Godfather, LLC was established in 2012 to bring together all the aspects of Chris's experience and background.