You Have to Pay Taxes

You Have to Pay Taxes – But You Don’t Need to Leave a Tip

You Have to Pay Taxes – But You Don’t Need to Leave a Tip

I’m proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is I could be just as proud for half the money.
– Arthur Godfrey

When I wrote my new bestselling book, Plan to Not Pay Taxes, the last thing I expected was the outrage of a few commenters about how not paying taxes was not moral and ethical or how important it was that everyone pay “their fair share.”  Other than in cases of splitting a piece of chocolate cake by allowing the non-slicer to choose their piece or in a call-it-in-the-air-no-touch coin flip, there are very few objective sources of fairness in life.  When it comes to taxes, the only logical source is the tax code itself which in this case involves the US Tax Code.  While I am not aware of many people who enjoy paying their taxes, most people feel that they are paying their fair share if they pay what the tax code tells them they owe. 

I certainly can’t tell you I understand the logic or motivations of the US Congress in much of anything they do.  However, in the provisions of the tax code that allow you to generate tax free income for up to half of your adult life, Congress is trying to help those that follow its guidance to overcome the looming retirement crisis in the United States.  Congress says it’s ok to plan to not pay taxes.

Whether you plan to not pay taxes but want to contribute some to the government or just feel like you are being taxed too lightly, you are entitled to send additional money to the treasury as a contribution to reduce the debt.  For those who expressed moral and ethical outrage at the idea of planning to not pay taxes, you can go to to pay via credit card or electronic transfer or send a check to the Bureau of Fiscal Service, Attn Dept G, Bureau of Fiscal Service, PO Box 2188, Parkersburg, WV  26106-2188.  Since 1996, individuals have contributed just over $50 million to reduce the debt (about $2.5 million per year). During that time the debt has risen from slightly over $5 Trillion to over $19 trillion

For everyone else, Plan to Not Pay Taxes provides you a guide to not participate in your own retirement crisis.

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