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Image still from the film the GodfatherImage still from the film the Godfather

The Business Godfather Treatment

Johnny Fontaine, the famous heartthrob singer, was considered a son by the Godfather.  As a celebrity, Johnny was treated as a conquering hero.  All the women swooned.  Johnny was considered an outrageous success by everyone in the neighborhood.  But Johnny felt like his business was falling apart and he could not tell anyone except for his trusted Godfather.

Johnny received a special audience with his Godfather because he had given up hope.  He was in despair about his career and felt he needed a lucky break or a grand slam to save himself.  He broke down in tears as his frustrations flowed out with his feelings of powerlessness.

And his Godfather did the one thing he needed.  He gave him the Godfather Treatment.

He grabbed him by the lapels. Gave him a shake. Asked him “Whassamata with you” and gave him a slap.

Because the Godfather knew, we are never powerless in the face of challenges.  Especially as a business owner.

Sometimes business owners need the same treatment from their Business Godfather.  Business owners put on a brave front to their customers, their employees and their colleagues.  But there are times when their frustration bubble over and prevent them from taking productive action.

That’s why I wrote the Business Godfather Treatment.  There are times when business owners need to be given the Business Godfather Treatment.  In the book I demonstrate how you can give yourself the Business Godfather Treatment and build more wealth for you.  The Business Godfather Treatment is available on Amazon as an e-book.  Please read it and provide a review on Amazon so I can improve the book for a second release later in the year.  Enjoy!

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Build Investable Business Models

The Godfather is all about building businesses. Businesses that are lucrative together and lucrative for you as the active investor. The Business Godfather helps start up businesses develop investable business models. For the all the blood sweat tears and sleepless nights invested in start up business, the number 1 reason they fail is not the people or the vision or the passion as some will have you believe. It’s the failure to have a compelling investable business model. Watch the video to find out how to evaluate an investable business model.

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Building More Valuable Businesses

The strategy for building more valuable businesses can vary depending on who you plan to value your business. Looking to prepare to obtain financing from banks or other lenders? A private investor? Or are you looking to sell your business or prepare to sell your business? Different variables such as cash flow, assets on hand, or growth potential can alter the value of your business. By joining the Business Godfather family, we’ll look at your business model, your strategy, and future valuation plans in order to prepare for higher valuation and sale price.


Why the Business Godfather

Small business is the life-blood of America. Often times, they offer an avenue to a more secure financial future because they allow their owners to be active investors in their future. However, businesses are complex endeavors that require a great deal of work, persistence, and the ability to make forward-thinking, objective decisions. The Business Godfather is here to help you through the tumultuous times that arise while running and growing your business. I will help you cut through the nonsense, tell you what you need to hear, and at times give you “the Godfather Treatment”.


Welcome to the Business Godfather

Business is hard. That’s why you need a Business Godfather. This is a saying you’ll hear me use a lot. Because it’s at the core of what the Business Godfather is all about. I love working with businesses. As a successful entrepreneur, I know first hand how difficult growing businesses can be. Which is why I love working with and consulting businesses from start-ups to large corporations in how to become more valuable. Subscribe to my newsletter, blog, and video series to hear more information and I hope you’ll take the next step and join the conversation.

Live Podcast with Melanie Coburn

Melanie Coburn, while marketing for the Washington Redskins for over a decade, has built a very diverse network of clients, partners and friends, and have focused on building these relationships over time. Along with her husband, Derek, she has built a great networking community called Cadre. Attend the live podcast to hear Melanie and Chris discuss community-building in today’s social media centric environment.