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Everyone is in Business for Themselves

After Michael Corleone survived the attack on his home in The Godfather Part II movie, he explained to Tom that everyone in their business was an independent business person looking out for their own self interest which was why no one could be trusted at that moment.

The same discussion occurred when Tessio betrayed Michael instead of Clemenza – betrayal was perceived as the smart business move to outsiders who did not understand the preparation and planning that had been done to ensure strategic success for the Godfather.

In your business, you need to provide enough opportunity for your team so they are not distracted by looking for better opportunities elsewhere or by maneuvering to take your opportunities.  Your energy and focus on your strategic direction will give your team the confidence that investing time with you will provide them with long term pride and success.  People love to be part of a winner.

That’s why I wrote the Business Godfather Treatment.  There are times when business owners need to be given the Business Godfather Treatment.  In the book I demonstrate how you can give yourself the Business Godfather Treatment and build more wealth for you.  The Business Godfather Treatment is available on Amazon as an e-book.  Please read it and provide a review on Amazon so I can improve the book for a second release later in the year.  Enjoy!

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