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Catching Fire – Hunger Games: Obamacare, Social Security and our Unsustainable Future

Catching Fire and the Hunger Games Trilogy is the futuristic parable of what happens when the younger generations are forced to pay for the sins, excesses and the lifestyle of the older generations.  Our current version of the Hunger Games are Obamacare, Social Security and the 2014 model of the US Federal Budget Showdown coming soon to theaters near you.

“Remember Who the Real Enemy Is”

Our constitutional republic has been subverted to a system where the many pay the benefits that flow to the favorites of the elected officials (People of the “Capitol” in the Hunger Games Trilogy).  Rather than creating an environment that supports vibrant opportunities for the next generation, most of what passes for political discussion relates to how can the Democrats and Republicans continue to filter money from the many (the outlying Districts) to fund outdated 20th century priorities.

According to the US Debt Clock (, the 6 largest budget items for the US Federal Government are Healthcare, Social Security, Defense, Income Support for favored Groups, Net Interest and Federal Pensions.  If the entire Federal Government was de-funded, other than these 6 largest budget items, we would still have a deficit of over $200 billion per year (except we would not have an IRS to collect it).  The Math $2.8 trillion in income less $3 trillion in expenses yields a $200 billion deficit. The numbers get worse in future years as more Baby Boomers reap the benefits of the current Federal Budget system.

As our current “leaders” work hard to sustain an unsustainable path, the impact of these imbalances falls largely on small business owners in the present and on the next generations in the future as they inherit the long tail of payments (from the outlying districts to the Capitol).  Meanwhile the next generations are being criticized for being too healthy and not productive enough to fund the excesses of the Baby Boomers.  The threat to us as small business owners is that if the unsustainable stops being sustained because the next generations Catching Fire, we will bear the brunt of it. (District 12 in Catching Fire)

“The Odds are Never in Our Favor”

Normally, the Business Godfather does not get involved in political discussions but the significance is we can not rely on conventional approaches to generate income, build wealth and protect our assets in the current Favorites-Based US economy.

We need to promote an environment where the next generation can thrive.  We need to identify opportunities to generate income not solely based on our efforts (20th century) but which leverage time, technology and knowhow (21st century).  We need to prevent our intellectual energies from being subverted and distracted by supporters of the “Capitol” and influence those we touch with optimism and insight into what it takes to succeed in the 21st century.  We need to give up some of what supporters of the “Capitol” tell us we have “earned” or “deserve” to “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”.   We need to educate the next generation on how to make their own future by embracing what makes America the land of opportunity rather than the land where the Odds are Never in Our Favor.

Comments are welcome from members of the outlying districts.