About Chris Koomey


The Business Godfather

Chris Koomey started his first business when he was 19 and since then has opened up businesses and helped others open up and grow business as a business owner, business consultant and business attorney. Chris helps growing businesses in fields ranging from education to technology. Chris graduated from the Marshall Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary after receiving BA & MA degrees from the University of Chicago and an MS degree from George Mason University. Business Godfather, LLC was established in 2012 to bring together all the aspects of Chris’s experience and background. Copyright 2013 Business Godfather, LLC. “The Business Services offered by the Business Godfather, LLC have been developed over the past two decades to help clients build more valuable businesses. The Business Godfather, LLC is not associated, affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Viacom, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation or any other entity associated with “The Godfather” book or movies which relate to the arts and entertainment industry. “The Godfather” trademark and associated intellectual property are owned by Paramount Pictures Corporation and Business Godfather, LLC makes no claim to ownership of intellectual property associated with “the Godfather.” The Business Godfather, LLC is also not associated, affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by an international crime syndicate real, imagined or fictional.”

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